Fire Sleeve, Fire Protection Sleeving

Fire Sleeve, Fire Protection Sleeving

Fire Sleeve, Fire Protection Sleeving

VI-FPS make fire protection sleevings are made from braided fiber glass of very good quality and coated with silicon rubber and iron oxide. The sleeves have high dielectric strength, excellent flexibility. Great heat insulation, flame resistance and excellent abrasion properties. It is specially designed to protect cables and hoses exposed to high temperatures and molten metal splashes.


Combination of heavy duty silicone shield coating on thick high temperature fiber glass, substrate helps insulate and defend against intermittent bouts of flame impingement, burning airborne debris, metal splashes and high temperatures.


The hydrophobic, low surface energy, non stick properties of the thick silicone coating sheds large and random but potentially hazardous molten metal splashes having temperature reaching up to 3000F. Vi-FPS is ideally suited to protect the cables, hoses and wires exposed to high radiant heat and frequent molten splashes.


VI-FPS is available in various formats such as fixed type, removable type (with Velcro fastening as well as hook & loop type with self gripping closure.)



• Excellent Protection against high temperature and molten metal splashes.
• Save heat loss and results in energy savings.
• Moisture proof, water proof, resistance to oil and pollution.


Diameter size : 6.5 mm to 130 mm
Colour : Brick Red
Thickness : 3 mm and 6 mm
Available type : Fixed and Removable (Velcro fastening or hook & loop self gripping closure.)
Operating temp. : 260°C

Transient Temp. : 1650°C
Breakdown Voltage. : 10kv to 15kv
Abrasion resistance : Excellent
Packing Size : 15 mtr. and 30 mtr. Continues length